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Kabo Health is a service of Mountain View Urgent Care

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$56 for an online consultation.*

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Kabo Health offers free medical consultations to those in need.

Quick Medical Consultation

Consults available for quick questions, COVID-19 testing referrals, and other medical advice.

Kabo Health Secure Online Medical Care Alaska

Convenient Service

Online scheduling. We are In-Network for Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna and Cigna. We take Medicaid, Medicare, and Tricare and other government plans.


Ultra Private

Discuss private medical issues with a physician from your home or office. Your privacy is our top priority. Prescriptions are sent electronically directly to your pharmacist. Lab tests can be obtained at LabCorp.

Secure Online Urgent Care

Be treated from your home or office now.


Make an appointment with our secure online scheduler.


Consult a licensed Alaskan physician via teleconference.

Receive treatment.

Get recommendations and counseling, and if medically necessary, prescriptions will be sent to your local pharmacy.

Private Alaskan Online Medical Care.

Jon Van Ravenswaay, MD

“We started Kabo Health to serve Alaskans who need an urgent and private medical consultation.”


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