Free Consultation*

*A free consultation is offered for a quick question – no prescriptions written. It’s only $48 otherwise for an office visit online. You can also use your health insurance.

How It Works

 Kabo Health is an online doctor’s office where you can consult a board certified physician online and receive personalized treatment. You will need to download Zoom, a secure teleconferencing application. Just click on a link below.  Call 907-868-1105 (9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Mon-Fri) for immediate assistance.

Free Consult - No Prescriptions

$48 Consult - Pay Today

Use Health Insurance

1. Quick medical evaluation.

We can provide a quick evaluation and advice.  We can fax a note to your work or school for a brief illness like a cold or stomach flu.

2. Refill chronic medications.

Lost your blood pressure, diabetes, or other chronic medications and need a quick refill? We can help with prescriptions sent directly to your pharmacy.


3. Second opinion.

We can provide a quick second opinion or re-evaluation of certain conditions. Your health, security, and privacy are our top priorities.

4. Explain lab results or other medical documents.

We can help you make sense of medical documents and laboratory results.


You will not find better health care online.